Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 2 of Our Almost No Electricity Project

I am a bit behind on my posts in regards to our project, this is technically day 4. Anyhoo, I didn't take any photos for this post so I will just add some of my favorite pics of off-grid lighting.
Day 2  Our No Electricity Project (Almost)          12/30/2015
Today we decided that having the use of the oven/stove was imperative Aaron didn't want to suffer through a whole week of burnt food. Hahahaha! So we are down to just having no lights on. Daylight to lantern light.... I am actually enjoying the low light in the evening. There is something almost magical about how the light flickers and plays off the walls. Once your eyes adjust to lower levels of light it becomes rather easy to see in the dark. Jacob doesn't seem to mind too much, as long as we are all in the same room together. Lily is just happy for someone to hold her. I do love how the living without lights has brought us all together in the evenings. We all share in the warm glow of a lantern and each others company.
We are loving this way of living and I have a feeling we might be doing this long after our project is over. I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed new year!

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Abby Jo @ said...

You know it's hard to do a project to the fullest with out having a full set up, stoves and the right equipment to start living off-grid, but living with lamps and candles does give you a look at what it could be like and really make you think! I think it's cool you are trying this out :) People can talk, but I love it when I see people doing and trying things out for themselves. Wishing you the best on your project!