Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The End Of Our No Electrcity Project

I hadn't even realized that we had come to the end of our project this past Tuesday evening. Lily has been so sick, and of course all my attention was focused on her these last couple of days. Due to all the illness in our house I have not posted about our last two days of the project(or was it three?)...Oh well. We have enjoyed this time of living without lights in the evening. It definitely helped us to be a little more grateful for electricity. Even though we have turned the lights back on, I find that my husband has lit a lantern somewhere in the house. At least we know what it feels like to live without lights and if we had to we totally could. There are so many other projects we want to try out, but for now I think we will just be satisfied to have saved ourselves a little money on the electric bill.

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