Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Small Project and Our Blooming Garden

I actually have some quiet, alone time this evening. A miracle! My wonderful husband took our son to help him mow the church lawn. Jacob loves to ride with daddy on the big riding mower. So while I have this precious time of quiet I decided to post some pics of my latest project and how beautiful our garden is blooming. With the baby only 7 weeks or less away from arrival I still have a bit to do. The Lord blessed us with a  free changing table this week, although it needed a little TLC it was still in great condition.  A little sanding and some paint goes a long way.
How lovely it looks now, a soft blue/green color. I figured this color was neutral enough for boy or girl.
Everything is growing in abundance, can't wait to start pulling tomatoes off the vine to can. We have already been enjoying tasty salads of romaine and mustard greens, which I must say taste way better than store bought romaine. Today was a gorgeous one and we spent most of our time outdoors.
My heart is full and I feel so blessed!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello there, so sorry that I have been away for a bit. Life has been quite busy around here. I am 31 weeks today,  with 9 weeks or less until our little miracle arrives. We are anxious to meet this baby! We have some wonderful news to share....The Lord has made a way for us to buy the house we are currently in, as we have been renting for almost a year. Our landlord decided, rather abruptly, to sell this property and he had given us until the end of May to vacate. Knowing that our little one was due only a couple of weeks after that, panic set in. We prayed and asked the Lord for direction and for His will to be done. He showed us in His good and perfect timing that this house would be ours. So thankful for all His wonderful blessings in our life. So once the papers are signed we will begin painting and changing some things to prepare for our little one's arrival. I am so excited to put our personal touches on this already adorable house. It is so perfect for us and we love our very large backyard. Wonderful memories have been made here and Lord willing, many more to come. It is such relief to not have to move while being so far into this pregnancy. Physically, I am tired and needing more rest these days. Braxton Hicks contractions are making their appearance here and there, not painful but definitely uncomfortable. I have been staying active as possible and to my amazement have actually lost weight rather than continually gained, as I did when pregnant with Jacob. I have not taken any recent photos but will do my best to post some soon. Hope ya'll had a great Monday!