Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 3 No Electricity Project (Almost)

I haven't really taken many pictures of our "no lights" project, honestly, how many photos can one take of the dark?...Anyhoo, here is my next journal post of how things are going and what we have experienced along the way.
Our No Lights Project                           12/31/15
It's New Year's Eve and we can hear fireworks going off in the distance. It's quiet in the house this evening, we're all snuggled together on the couch. The living room is aglow with candles and our trusty lanterns give us clear view of our surroundings. Although this is only day 3 it feels familiar somehow, like an old friend who's come to visit. It feels like we have been doing this forever. Some laughed at us when we shared our thoughts about beginning this project. Varying opinion of, "Oh you'll give up after two days", "Wow, good luck with that", "Whatever floats your boat". So far we have no desire to give up. I think it seems so far out there of an idea for some to grasp, that they call us crazy for trying it. Oh well, what fun would a project like this be without the naysayers.
My friend Abby Jo from, they lived off-grid for a couple of years on their homestead. Here is a video she and her family made about off-grid lighting.
Hope ya'll are staying warm and cozy in this cold winter weather.


Abby Jo @ said...

Don't you love how youtube pauses you in the most becoming way. That picture...Ugh!
Sounds like you are having a nice go of it! I think candle light and lamps are lovely and can really slow down life, even though I am by no means against using solar light or technology. People can give you a lot flak for using something that is old-fashioned or behind the times. But you know, I love the slow pace we went at when we lived out on our farm. We did with what we had and made a very nice life out there for over five years.
You know what is really funny, In the "Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pa and Ma lament what technology has done to them using oils lamps and such and relying on the Rails-Road and how their ancestors were so much more well prepared and self-reliant than they were when the trains got cut-off from their towns for so many months! It makes you think, It's all in our perspective :)

Wonderful Messy Sweet Life said...

Lol..We are enjoying ourselves so much! I couldn't agree more about loving the slower pace of the old days. It really causes one to stop and evaluate the important things. I think too often we just take for granted what comes so easy to us in this age of instant gratification. Perspective is everything!