Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our No Electricity Project (Almost)

Several weeks ago my husband came to me with an idea, one that I had already been thinking about. So when he presented it to me I was very excited and happy to agree to it. We decided to try going one week without electricity, well almost... We are such romantics and the "old ways" appeal to us so deeply. Our passion for living simply and without the intrusion of modern things and such, really has become a focus on our little homestead. So doing this didn't seem like such a stretch or burden to us. Knowing that winter is upon us and we don't have a fire place or wood burning stove we decided we would need to keep the heat on, especially for the kiddos. Living by candlelight and lantern in the evening hours and using a propane camping stove to cook on was the first step to cutting off and using less electricity. So out he went to Lowes the following day of us discussing this idea, to purchase a propane camp stove. We stocked up on lantern oil, we already owned two lanterns, and of course I already had a ton of candles. Yesterday was our first day of no lights and no oven/stove. It was interesting to say the least. I wrote down my thoughts about the evening in my journal to share with ya'll here...

Day 1 of Our No Electricity Project                   12/29/15

Is this what it was like for Sarah, from Sarah Plain and Tall? Living by lantern light in the evening hours? It's been difficult in this first day, mostly because we are so used to just flipping a switch when we enter a room. Walking from room to room with a lantern to the light the way is definitely going to take some getting used to. Even as I write this by candlelight I wonder how the rest of the project will go. There was at least one time this evening that I thought about nixing the whole idea, especially when my cornbread had a very black and crunchy bottom coming off our little propane stove. UGH!!! Note to self - Figure out a way to cook dinner without burning it to ash!!! Rising with the sun has a certain charm, mostly if you are a morning person which I am not, but wasted daylight is wasted time...Wait! Is this my new motto??? I seriously sound like my husband right now. It was fun though, eating dinner as a family with the lantern on the table, it really does give off more light than I expected. Well, I guess I better get some sleep - have lot's more to do tomorrow before sunset. And maybe we will get through this project without one of us burning the house down.....


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Abby Jo @ said...

You sweet heart, love this post! You are so real, love your diary entry :) This experiment will be interesting to say the least ;)