Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Make Do With What You Have - Make It Work For You

Aaron and I, for the past couple of years, have been planning, dreaming, and talking of our desire to "live off the land" and grow/make most of our food, make soap, have chickens for eggs and meat, and possibly a goat for milk. Basically going old school and living like the pioneers, ok well maybe not so drastic, we will keep our electricity. Now that we have a little bit of property and the means to live this way, we are slowly making strides of being mostly self-sufficient. Our spring and summer garden gave us quite a bit for which we are thankful, and now that summer is winding down we will begin planting the fall garden. The agrarian lifestyle is making a comeback, even in urban areas people are finding a way to grow their food and live off of what they can make with their hands. In a world that is based on the idea of more and convenience, it's easy to just go with the flow and not really stop and think about where your food and other common items comes from. We gave up on buying store bought bread and I now make our loaves every week. I made a sourdough starter a couple of weeks ago and have kept it going so that we have fresh sourdough loaves as often as we want. Sourdough is probably the healthiest form of bread there is as it is a fermented food. Lots of live probiotics, good for the gut. I learned something new with making sourdough, after a little research, true sourdough bread is not as sour as most store bought sourdough breads taste. So far it tastes great! I made a loaf of molasses sourdough last week, did you know that molasses is the only natural sweetener that has vitamins and minerals in it. Our chickens are finally laying, YAY!!!! They gave us the first egg two weekends ago, now they lay about an egg a day. Pretty soon though we will see two or more a day. We have two laying hens now and the two little ones will be mature enough to lay in the next month or so. This lifestyle is hard work but so worth it!



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