Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Planting

Although it is still quite chilly and at times icy outdoors, we have begun indoor spring planting. It was very exciting to set up all the little planters and fill them with rich organic soil, and label them for the seeds. My husband and I spent about an hour preparing everything for our indoor greenhouse. For now our little planters will remain in our living room near the window, for as much natural light exposure as possible. We both enjoy gardening so much, and being able to grow our own food is such a blessing. We are growing various vegetables, fruit, and herbs. This season I hope to use our herbs for teas and homemade soaps. I was able to pick some mint leaves from both of our mint plants, to prepare making mint tea. I love a cup of hot mint tea on a cold rainy evening, or a glass of iced mint tea in the summer.  
If you have never tried your hand at growing your own veggies and fruit, I encourage you to try. If it seems too daunting of a task then start with some herbs that you can grow in your kitchen. It is quite simple and so satisfying to be able to eat something you grew.

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