Saturday, February 28, 2015

Minimalism - more than cleaning out your home (part 2)

Here is a quick video that I found, quite interesting to say the least. I know that not all of us live in such a small space but when faced with certain space shortage, one must rethink the volume of their belongings. This goes along with the idea of minimalism...using less whether it be in the way of a smaller home, or simply choosing not to have so much stuff to take up your precious space. There is a before and after thing happening here, once her second child was born they had to rethink the positioning of their belongings. I love the idea of living in a smaller space because it makes you weigh out what is really important to have in your home, necessity or junk.
More than cleaning out your home.....minimalism can do wonders for the family unit. When you don't have a bunch of stuff to get in the way or distract you, there is much more time to spend with those you love. Getting creative, going outdoors, learning more about yourself as an individual. You really do learn more about who you are without the things that take up so much of your valuable time. Things that do not profit you or your family in any way. Just the mental release alone is like a miracle drug. Mental blockage can cause depression.Think about how freed up your mind will be once you let go of all the junk that clouds it. Yes, your stuff can create a mental block.
If you like to read self-help books, if that is your cup of tea then I would recommend reading The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life, by Fracine Jay. It is a place to start, simple, slow, and not overwhelming. This process can be overwhelming, if you let it. We all have to start somewhere, at the beginning. I know that this lifestyle is not for everyone, some are perfectly content to live amongst a ton of stuff. But, if you have come to realize that you are not happy, that your way of life hinders more than helps you, then this process may be for you. Minimalism will look differently for each family, there isn't a certain number of items that we must not surpass. It is simply the process of letting go of things that are really not inspiring or necessary.
The other aspect of this lifestyle is learning to be a minimalist in your spending. If you have put time and thought into de-cluttering your home, why would you want to go back out and spend money on more stuff that will end up doing what all the previous junk did? It just does not make sense! That can free up more of your budget to do fun things, like taking more trips. Making memories that will last for the rest of your life rather than making money to spend on junk that just sits there, collects dust, and makes you unhappy sounds so much more appealing, don't you agree? This forces you to take a look at what you are spending most of your hard earned cash on. As I said before it would surprise some of us to really stop and think about how much we spend on junk.
There are multiple benefits to this lifestyle, but ultimately it is your choice to reap those benefits!

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