Monday, February 9, 2015

22 Weeks

I am so excited about being only 18 weeks away from meeting our precious little miracle. He or she is kicking and moving around a lot. I love it! Jacob, is still being so affectionate and kissing my tummy and asking where his baby is. Hopefully soon my husband and Jacob will get to feel the baby kick externally, as for now I just feel the movement. I feel so happy to report that I have only gained a total of 5 pounds so far!!! If I can keep that up the rest of the pregnancy I will have done really well with the weight gain. My midwife tells me I am measuring perfectly and all is well, thank you Jesus! This has been a pretty easy pregnancy so far, compared to my first pregnancy with Jacob. We do have names picked out for the baby whether girl or boy, but we are not sharing those names just yet. I want to be sure of my baby names before I make them known. If you are wondering, my dress came from JcPenney's maternity department (online), and my scarf I purchased from a lady whose family had come to our church to minister in song. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!
T. ~

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