Friday, January 30, 2015

Frugal Friday

Those of you who know me well, know that I love to shop resale....I cannot pass up a good bargain! Today I took a trip to the Goodwill and really hit the jackpot on some cute tops for myself, and some onesies for our new little munchkin. I love being frugal, it really helps to keep me creative. Here are a few pics of my Goodwill haul for Frugal Friday!!!
I tried to keep the onesies as gender neutral as possible. They can be dressed up for either boy or girl with the swapping out of a little skirt or boys' pants.
The pink tank top I already had, but the blouse(which is sleeveless and has ruffles around the neckline) is a sheer material so definitely needed the tank underneath. It is by a.n.a, which is a JcPenney brand. The greyish, green cardigan, which did not come with the sheer top, ties in the front and is a stretchy jersey material, by Banana Republic.
This lovely striped top with a soft purple neckline is by Old Navy. It is super soft and oh so comfy. The stripes are navy blue, at first I thought they were black.
Another soft, comfy top which will probably just be worn around the house as the top dips a little low. It is purple with silvery, gray stripes. This top is by Mossimo, which I think might also be a JcPenney brand, but don't quote me on that.
Again, the pink tank is one I already had. This lovely, navy blue cardigan is super cute with the ruffled neckline and it is kind of a thicker material so I would probably not wear this in the summer months. This top is by Coldwater Creek, which happens to be a brand my mom really likes.
This grey and white striped cardigan is by Old Navy. I like how thin it is so I can wear this in the warmer months and not get overheated. This is one that I will also be able to wear after baby is born.
None of these tops are maternity, which I think is pretty neat! They are all size large so I had room enough for the belly. Each of these tops were under $5 and the onesies were under $2. Hope you enjoyed my Frugal Friday Find. Hope ya'll enjoy your weekend.

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