Tuesday, January 13, 2015

18 Weeks

Wow, 18 weeks!!!! Almost to the halfway point, we are excited. Had a checkup with my midwife today, all is well. Baby's heartbeat is strong and he/she is growing as should be. My belly seems like it is getting bigger everyday. I love it, although I am not as big as I was with Jacob at this point. Maybe I won't be huge this time around. I remember being a little naive the first time around and was "eating for 2". This time I know better, eating healthier and making wiser choices. Have not felt very much movement yet, they say that I should closer to 20 weeks. I think I may have felt a few kicks at breakfast this morning, which was very exhilarating! Hopefully I will feel much more over the next week or so. That is all for now....

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