Friday, January 9, 2015

17 Weeks

17 weeks, I cannot believe that I am two weeks (Monday) away from being to the halfway point in this pregnancy. It has certainly gone by fast. I have been taking pics of my growing belly but have not had the chance to download them to my computer. As soon as I do, I promise to post them. It has been super cold these days, so not much playing outside. We have done our best to stay warm and busy indoors. Although keeping warm in this old house can be a challenge, with it being a pier and beam foundation the floors stay icy cold all the time.
We are hoping and praying to be pre-approved for a home loan very soon, we are so ready to have a house of our own again. I am anxious to paint and all before little one arrives. I know it is a little early for the nesting stage but hey pregnancy does a lot of weird and wonderful things to a woman so I imagine that this is par for the course. I am nesting early.....
Jacob is growing up so fast, his speech is ever expanding everyday. He amazes Aaron and I with all his new words. Speaking in full and complete sentences, we are so grateful. We are finally getting into a groove and mode of better understanding what he needs when he needs it. Autism is such an unpredictable condition. With him having only been diagnosed 2 years ago, it has taken almost this long for us to fully grasp and understand how to best help our son. Although I don't think we will ever stop learning about his condition. Every child with this condition presents with different symptoms so one particular approach isn't going to work for every child. We have learned what works for Jacob, albeit at times a little unconventional. I don't mind though, to see him happy and blossoming does this mommy's heart good.
I hope you all had a productive and blessed week.
Blessings, T.~

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