Monday, March 11, 2013

Precious Moments

I love moments like these when all is quiet in the house and my little man is snuggled close, fast asleep. He still likes to hear mamma's heart beat. I cherish every moment like this one, they grow up too fast. I love it when he calls me mamma and tenderly touches my face to get my attention. He puts his nose against mine and laughs hysterically because it looks like we have three eyes instead of two. Then he tries to tickle me and says "tickle, tickle" as me and daddy do to him sometimes. He holds my hand and leads me where he has something very interesting to show me. I am amazed at the workings of his little mind. He is still so young yet so smart in his little ways. I love watching my little man grow, what a blessing it is to be a mamma. Mommy loves you Jacob with all my heart. My cup runneth over~

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