Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I am sure you can guess by these photos what I am going to talk about today......
I find it quite intriguing that the world around us has become so completely and utterly dependent upon cell phones or any other form of protable technological devices. Everywhere I turn all I see are people with a cell in hand, either to the ear or vigorously typing away at the keys, sending messages. I am so beyond disturbed! The lack of true communication all around is astonishing....What makes it all the more disturbing is the fact that the older generation, who by the way did without cell phones for years (GASP...IS IT POSSIBLE?) are now just like the rest of the cell phone junkies out there. I call them junkies because this is an addiction. Yes, I said it, an ADDICTION. I will even go out on a limb here and say that if cell phones just stopped working one day, across the globe, there wouldn't be many people that would know what to do. There would be mass confusion and pandemonium. Running and screaming, as if the world were ending. People would be helpless and completely lost. It's ludicrous that many of us, would not have a clue how to handle something of this magnitude. We have become a world so wrapped up in technology that we have forgotten that there is a whole world out there, other than cell phones. Let's look at some of the older forms of communication that have been lost along the way...writing a letter, land line (home phone, leave a voicemail, don't freak out, we will get back to you), and last but most importantly not least, go visit your friends and family (face time people, is how we keep relationships alive). There is nothing more annoying when you are trying to have a face to face conversation with someone and they constantly keep looking down at their cell phone, because God forbid that they miss a text message or even a call or the latest update on facebook... We are slaves to these evil devices...They have become apart of our limbs, it's almost awkward to see someone now without a cell phone in hand. We should start calling them self-phones. I at times have been so guilty of making my cell phone a big priority in my day to day life. As I see how it has affected my home and child, alot of times my husband, I realize that this plastic thing that we talk into cannot compare to real conversation. So today, I set aside my cell phone and begin to take a long, deep look into my priorities and what is most important to me. Sometimes we just simply need to disconnect~

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