Sunday, March 10, 2013

Faith for A Miracle

A while back I stated that Aaron and I were trying for another miracle of late, Jacob is still an only child. Our desires have not changed or weakened, if anything they are stronger bordering almost desperate. We desire so much to bring another beautiful child into our home and to give Jacob a sibling. My husband is on a deployment now and won't be home for a while. We keep in constant contact through e-mail and such, continuing to express our desires to one another to expand our family. As some of you know I have a condition known as PCOS, which causes infertility. It's treatable(in the sense of getting pregnant) through a series of medications and fertility drugs. I have done this many times before (after we had Jacob) and was miserable. I want the chance to be able to conceive naturally and go through the process of growing a child within me more naturally than before. We have prayed about this and are believing God for a miracle. Having faith for something so tremendous, if I am being honest, isn't easy. We know God can do anything, if He can raise the dead He can surely help us to get pregnant without the help of pills and medications. We know that the scripture tells us "faith is dead without works" (James 2:14-26), we must back up our faith with works. I have given this much thought and decided that we have to put works behind our faith to show God just how much we believe He is going to do this for us. We decided to begin preparing for our second miracle baby. We have bought a few baby items thus far and will continue. I am in the process of preparing my body, health wise to carry this baby. I also have an anointed prayer cloth given to me by my grandmother(from her church in Cleburne, TX.). Two young ladies in her church were having trouble conceiving as well, they were prayed for and God healed them. They now have 5 children between the both of them.These things will be our works behind our faith. I know God is able and we are completely and fully trusting Him. I promise to keep you all informed in this process. Thank you Jesus in advance for our second miracle baby~

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Lori B. said...

Will be praying continually with you for the miracle. I believe!