Thursday, March 21, 2013


A wonderful friend of mine, sent me this awesome article about changes in life.....
Every change that affects individuals is experienced in three phases. Whether changing their diet or the way they have to write out their progress, not all individuals go through a similar process. The ending phase actually comes first, because it is the ending of how things were. This phase is characterized by grief and letting go. The Transition phase is about confusion and creativity. And the final phase is called Beginning, because they are beginning to do something a new way. Beginning is characterized by acceptance and hope for the future. The phases are not clear cut steps. They typically overlap and a person may take a few steps forward and a few steps back at certain times. One phase will likely be predominate for each individual, and it is very important to remember that every individual will handle the phases differently. It is even possible that some individuals will pass right over Phase 1 – those people are individuals who thrive on change and find it as a creative and exciting time.
This is so true if you have ever noticed the changes that you make throughout life.  I myself have noticed a change beginning to take place in my life. I have always heard that a person makes such a drastic life change between the ages of 25-30. Well I am very close to 30 and I definitely can say that this is true. I am still the same person but my views, likes, dislikes, have changed. I would also say having a child can do that for you too..... I love how as we get older we blossom into someone that we were meant to be all along. Of course this type of change can relate to those needing to make a drastic change in life out of necessity and various other reasons. Feel free to share your thoughts on this below in the comment box..
God Bless~

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