Friday, November 11, 2011

Tea Time (how to make the perfect serving tray)

If you like having friends over for tea or coffee but feel limited on how to serve it, here is a great and an inexpensive way to do it! I am a major bargain hunter and I love finding things I can refurbish and fix up on my own. Not only does it save money but you can create something to fit your personal style and needs. Not to mention stay under budget when buying decor for the house. I was lucky enough to find a cute little frame/tray for $4 the other day while out and about, and had the idea to create the perfect little tea tray.
Here is what it looked like before it's transformation
I used an assortment of items to create the tray here is what I used:
A book of really pretty patterned paper (you could also use some left over wallpaper) This came from Walmart for $5, it has tons of really pretty, vintage looking paper. I used two different patterns for the look I created.

Some basic all purpose white paint from Hobby Lobby - (11601 Glossy White) I think this cost me about $2 or less.

I used a basic paintbrush - 3/4 inch, it came in a large pack of brushes ranging in all different sizes.

I removed the glass and backing to paint the frame
As you can see up close I didn't fully cover the frame in white paint. I allowed some of the original wood color to come through. This gives it a vintage/shabby chic look and feel to it.
Cut your choice of paper to fit the backing of the frame then glue it to hold it in place. Place the glass on top and let it rest for a minute or two. The weight of the glass helps to seal the paper and glue.
Once the frame has dried then put it together. Finished product!

Then add your favorite teacups and teapot for serving! ENJOY!

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