Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recycled Ideas

We just moved into our somewhat new home about two months ago and I adore it here. On the day we arrived I walked into the entryway and noticed that the previous home owners left behind an old coat rack. At first I hated it and thought this is going in the garage sale pile or in the garbage. So I threw it in the garage in a box to await it's fate as someone elses problem. As we began puting things in their place and making our house look like home I had a great idea.  I love my scarves and didn't want them just hidden away in the closet, stuffed in a pile somewhere behind multiple boxes of shoes gathering dust. So I decided to reuse the the ugly coat rack from the entry way, but instead of just leaving it as was (the hooks were a hideous gold color) I spray painted the hooks black. It is now proudly hanging in our bedroom for me to see when I walk in, the splash of colors on our grey walls makes me so happy. I love that my scarves and hats didn't have to go into hiding until they were chosen to be used. I can see them anytime I want and they make for a fun wall piece.

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