Sunday, June 2, 2013

Femininity is Always in Style

In our current society we are seeing such a loss of what true femininity means. Women, today are mimicing menswear and calling it fashion. It is seemingly acceptable for a woman to wear mens' trousers and be hailed as a fashionista. You rarely ever see a woman dressed like a lady now a days. There have been many times when at the grocery store, I have had to stop and look twice to make sure I was looking at a woman.  Our society has failed miserably in maintaining true femininity. As christian women we must rise to the occasion and take back what is rightfully ours, as God intended. He set us apart as woman from man, we must do all we can to uphold our differences. Women in our culture(especially in hollywood) claim to be feminine because they simply wear a dress. Femininity is more than just the clothes we wear. It is in our mannerisms and lifestyle. It is how we carry ourselves and treat others. It might be in how we cross our ankles when seated. How we do not shout at someone from across the room, rather walk to were they are, speaking gently and quietly. Making sure that we are covered in all the appropriate places and not wearing clothes that are too tight. We must care about our appearance, not to be confused with vanity. Simply respecting ourselves enough to make sure we are presentable and modest.
Fads are fleeting but style is classic and timeless. It is what remains when all the fads have gone and come back around. Femininity is always in style. It is what came first before our worlds' view of fashion polluted the female mindset. I hope to encourage each of you to take a second look in the mirror before leaving home. Make sure that what you have on is pleasing to the Lord and your husband. You represent your husband, your family, your pastor, and most importantly God. Ladies let us reclaim our femininity in a world that has forgotten what that word really means.

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