Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Autistic. This word has been the topic of conversation in our home, as our son has recently been diagnosed with Autism.  We knew for quite some time that things were not exactly "normal". What is "normal" anyway, each child has their own unique personality and process. Each child is special in the way God created them. God gave my husband and I this precious little boy, whom we love more than anything in the world. He brings such joy to  our little family and we are so grateful that God thougt we were strong enough to handle this diagnosis. Our son is a very special little boy, and I don't mean "special" in the derogatory term that some people use for mentally disable people. He truly is special and has given us the opporunity to see the world around us in a whole different way. We are moving forward with this diagnosis and will very soon begin the necessary therapy. We are confident that everything will be ok. We are completely and fully putting our trust in God, the one who created our child. God NEVER makes mistakes!

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