Saturday, May 4, 2013

Time Well Spent

As we are almost to full recovery from this season's gift of allergies, we spend some quality time together. During this down time I have been able reflect on the importance of time well spent. As some of you are mothers you know all to well that we sometimes find ourselves caught up in the daily routine of chores, grocery shopping, garden work, etc...sometimes we get so into "it" that we forget our littles need us more than the dishes need to be washed, or the laundry needs to be put away. Those things are important but my little man's needs are far more important. Even if it's just a moment for a tight hug and a big kiss, or to help him complete a puzzle he's been working on. Maybe to stop and tell him how proud I am of my big, little helper. I have learned a great deal about prioritizing my day to day routine. So much is demanded of us as mother, wife and woman of our home, but during those times of duty we must stop and take a moment to love and share in our day with the ones we care for the most.

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