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I would like to share with you something that is very important and very dear to me. MODESTY. This post is from the blog of a fellow Apostolic sister in the Lord. I really like what she has to say on the topic of modesty. This is not intended to offend anyone nor to judge, but only to encourage. I pray you will be blessed by this.....
In this day and age I know it is VERY popular to do, say, act, and wear what you want when you want. Which is why some might ask, “What does dressing modestly have to do with your husband and your household?!”
I’m getting married soon. September 8th, 2012 to be exact. This summer has given me plenty o’things to think about (and check off my to-do list).
I’ve stated many times that I dress modestly because I want to. At 27 years old I can pretty much decide how I want to live and dress. I can go out and paint my face like a clown and wear a skirt or shorts short enough to let my rump roast hang out for all to see.
These past few weeks, though, it dawned on me that as a wife (eek!) I’m going to have think about how my outward appearance affects my husband and my household.
In this day and age I know it is VERY popular to do, say, act, and wear what you want when you want. Which is why some might ask, “What does dressing modestly have to do with your husband and your household?!”
I think it means everything
In my opinion, one aspect (the Lord knows there’s more than one aspect) of being modest means that you respect and have a high regard for what belongs to your husband. Some will argue that the body was made to be shown. If you got it? FLAUNT IT! Don’t hide it! Don’t be afraid to express yourself!
It’s no secret that men and women are different. Our thought processes are different. The way we ask and answer questions is different. The way we HEAR and SEE things is different.
Story #1
While running some errands a few months ago a man commented that he liked how “sexy” my shoes were–with his wife standing next to him. To me they were a harmless pair of sandals, but this man’s mind was clearly working overtime–and it bothered me.
Yes, I did make some changes to my shoe closet because of his comment. No, I don’t think I can change the thought process of every man, nor do I think it is my job to do so. However, I thought about his wife and how she must have felt at that moment. I don’t think she was flipping cartwheels because her husband decided to tell some random girl that her dusty Target sandals were sexy.
Story #2
A different time, a different place: a late evening, a popular restaurant. My friend and I observed a woman in a dress that was too tight and too short. We’re talking sausage casing too tight. You could tell that this woman had done everything in her power to look her best–and yet she failed. She was overdone and still looked undone. Her husband (or male companion) was NOT pleased with how she looked, because he kept swatting her to remind her to tug her dress down (impossible). He flashed evil glances her way, and after a few minutes he tossed her his coat. She covered up and that was that.
Two different stories, but the message is still the same. My outward appearance doesn’t necessarily have an affect on just me. Your appearance can affect those around and people you don’t know and might never see again.
When I leave my house I don’t want Brandon to have to worry about whether some sicko is wondering if my shoes are sexy. When we’re out together I don’t want him to be embarrassed about what I’m wearing and telling me to coverup with his coat.

This is me now.....this is definitely spiritual food for thought. God cares so much about our appearances ladies. If you are married, you represent your home and husband. If you are not married you represent your father and pastor you sit under. No matter where you go, you are always being a witness and others are always watching. Let us take the time every day before leaving our homes to examine ourselves, and be sure that the Lord would be pleased with how we look. We should reflect the beauty of holiness! When other see us, they shouldn't see our flesh rather they should see Jesus. I love each one of you and I pray God will bless your efforts to remain modest in a very immodest world.

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