Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Pray for us and all of those living on the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Sandy in all her glory is about to make landfall. This storm is 800 miles wide and will cause damage thousands of miles around it. The meteorologists are predicting landfall (eye of the storm) to be in New Jersey and Virginia is not very far away. There is already flooded streets that have been closed in our area, and the wind speed is picking up. Things are only going to get worse! We are expecting 60mph gusts of wind and very heavy rainfall, and massive power outtages. This storm is going to converge with another winter storm coming in from the west, which they are calling "the perfect storm". There will be blizzard like conditions in West Virginia and parts surrounding that area. We will keep you posted on how things progress as long as we have power. 

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