Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn Decorating

Decorating for Fall has begun! I love bringing all the earth and jewel tones into my home to create beautiful things to celebrate this season. I made a wreath for our front door (pictured above) that I adore. I love how unique it is. I wanted something that would catch the eye and definitely stand out. It was very simply made and hardly cost me a thing.
Here is another one of my creations....Again this didn't cost me much, a few dollars at the most. I already had alot of the ribbons I used for the wreath and this flower arrangement. It isn't hard to put together decorations with things that you may already have. I rummaged my craft closet and found a bunch of left over ribbons and material from projects past.
I found these adorable glittery pumpkins at the dollar store. I piled them in a vase and set them on my island in the kitchen. The bright and shimmery colors add a little pop to the scenery.
And of course I love the little window stickers that give an extra dab of cuteness to the house. Plus Jacob likes them!
Fall is so much fun to decorate for. I am sure you all will be making your homes (if not already) look lovely for this beautiful time of year. Enjoy your Autumn decorating~

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