Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Song In My Mouth

Out of the mouth of babes, so the saying goes....sometimes, in a transient moment we are given a little gift of unexpected profoundness. The little girl, I babysat today shared such a gift with me. As she and Jacob played outdoors today, I overheard her singing. I didn't know the song but she sang it with all the excitement her little voice could send out into the vast open. She noticed me standing near, looked up with a twinkle and a hint of mischeviousness in her bright eyes and simply said, "there's a song in my mouth." Nothing more, nothing less. Just plainly put, that she was going to sing the song in her mouth. I smiled and thought wow, she had a song to sing and she sang it without hesitation. So, if you have a song in your mouth, sing it!

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