Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's official! My beautiful SUV is now a resident of Virginia. We just got the plates and she is wearing them proudly. The picture above is not my license plate (Jacob really loves Buzz and Woody from Toy Story and I couldn't resist this cute pic). September will make a year that we have been living here, I can't believe how time has flown. We moved here right before the foliage began to turn for the autumn season. It was lushly green and everything overgrown and simply magnificent. Once again we are in the lush green time and our garden is blooming and exploding with veggies. My tiger lillies and dahlias are budding and will soon add to all the lovely colors in our backyard. We just got our lemon tree and will be planting it very soon. I look forward to a glass of sweet tea with a slice of lemon from our tree. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful (beautiful here anyhow) summer day and don't forget to thank God for His many blessings in your life!

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Lori B. said...

So glad that you are finding happiness in your corner of the world. Just wish you were not so far away and we could visit more often, Love you, and I enjoy your blog.