Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Be True

Lazy mornings give me lot's of time to think....that might be dangerous, as my husband would say. I was reflecting on how I have changed and how we transform as we age. We were born with a certain personality that is given by God and as we grow it becomes more defined and lived.
If you observe someone who hangs around people not of their own personality type, they begin to mimic and eventually morph into these characters.
Don't let anyone change your personality, change who you are. You were designed by the creator Himself for a purpose and only He can change you. Be true to who you are. You are unique and possess a certain light and talent to help others. Each of our talents are different, and we have much to bring to the table.
Love who the Lord has made you to be and don't try to stick yourself into a mold that you were not created for. Be true to you, but most importantly and most of all be true to Him.

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