Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Return to Whole Foods and Pumpkins

Eating healthy can be a challenge, let's face it we live in a fast-food, whatever's easiest, cheapest society of foodies. We all love food, we all have or have had a hate/love relationship with food. We know what's bad for us yet we can't resist the way it gives us short-lived satisfaction. You can't just simply go to the grocery store and pick up the "basics" anymore. There is so much temptation at every checkout line, at the end of every isle, the sinful smells coming from the bakery section... it's endless, the choices. Invariably those choices make a mess of our health, bodies, and minds.
As a family we have decided to return to a simplistic, natural, whole, healing way of eating. Taking the chaos and stress out of the way we look at food, the way we buy our food. Whole foods by it's definition is just that, whole, nothing need be added to it. It by itself is pure, nurturing. How I feed my body determines how I will feel. It's simple, you eat junk, you feel like junk. You eat good you will feel good. So many ailments can be healed by the food we choose to eat, the right food. On our little homestead we grow a lot of our food. Our chickens lay eggs, we eat the eggs, then we eat the chickens. The veggies grown in our garden serves as a side dish to our chicken. You can't get much more whole than that. Aaron killed our rooster this morning and he is now in a pot, on the stove cooking with carrots, onions, salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, and water.  My house smells wonderful! Of course I will can the broth and use it for later recipes.

Almost every window in my house is open, letting in the cool autumn air. My fall pumpkins are arranged around the house giving our home a perfect touch of the season. I do hope your days are cooler and looking a little like fall.



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