Saturday, April 26, 2014

Books Galore

We love books!!! Reading is a treat at our house, and we do our best to integrate books into our day as often as possible. I love going to the Goodwill and finding a treasure trove of lovely, children's books. Some old, some new, but all cherished. All of Jacob's books have come from some thrifted nook or another, I prefer them that way, more character. Not to mention, purchasing second-hand is more cost effective when on a budget. I love that sometimes I find someone has written in the front cover a sentiment of sorts, to another individual. This way, we know the books were given with love and most likely received with love.
To see all the new gadgets, and other technologically savvy devices accessible to read on now, is quite disheartening. We are living in such a digitalized age that paper has become irelevent. Less and less people are going to the library to check out books, and not many more support local book stores. Everywhere we have ever moved, the first thing I do is find the nearest library. For this, I have been labeled as old school. So be it! My child/children will grow up reading from a book, and not some computer screen. There is a certain thrill in turning the page, anticipating the whimsical illustration or bouquet of words that await you.
Books can be passed on from generation to generation, a legacy of literature. Books truly are a gift and should be regarded as such. As I piled our basket with books, my husband looked at me quizically and asked, "don't we have enough books?"...of course my reply was, "one can never have enough books". I want Jacob to have variety, a plethora of books, a library. Doesn't every child deserve this?...I can't wait to dive into these delicious little pockets of whimsy and adventure with my son. I hope that where ever you may be, that you have a lovely book to curl up with and read.

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