Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thrifty Friday

Both of my boys are peacefully sleeping, so this mama has a few minutes of quiet time. And of course I use my time wisely.....blogging, that's wise, right? I would have blogged yesterday but the day was busy and got away from me before I knew it. I am a frequent shopper of thrift stores. I love the little treasures I always come home with and are so much appreciated by my loving husband, ahem. I am just kidding, he really doesn't mind my once a month trips to the thrift store, it saves him money. Here is what I happened upon yesterday....
an adorable winter, knit hat for my little man
(which he wore, and would not take off for quite a while)

this lovely basket in need of some refurbishing
it will fit nicely somewhere in our house

a mustard-colored bag for the fall,
which is making it's delicious appearance around here

"It looks like spring" scarf for my hair

this comfy and oh so cute skirt

jacobs' Christmas train tin
of course he wanted to play with it right away
There are always treasures to be found when thrift shopping. I know not everyone enjoys it, but I am perfectly happy to buy gently used and much loved items. Giving them all a new home and knowing they still have a lot of life left in them. I hope your weekend has been pleasant and relaxing.

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