Friday, August 30, 2013

Living Fully For God

Our world is in so much chaos right now! I am sure that ya'll have been keeping informed through the news and such. We are seeing things come to fruition that the scripture speaks about. It is scary to see how blatantly people are turning away from God and choosing to live a very sinful life. Our world is not oblivious that there is something shaking in the spirit realm, alot of them just choose not to acknowledge it. We are living in the very last days and God is coming so soon! We must make sure we are fully living for the Lord in every way we possibly can. My heart is so troubled and burdened for our lost loved ones and close friends who are not living for God. We do not have much time to waste and play patty cake with God, it's time to rise up and get serious about your walk with Him. It's time to lay down all the things that are hindering you from getting closer to the Lord. THERE IS NOTHING WORTH GOING TO HELL OVER!!!! He is coming back for a church that is fully on fire for Him. I pray that we all take some time today to look inwardly and ask the Lord to search our hearts. 
Psalm 139:23-24 ~ Search me, O God and know my heart: Try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.
We must get a determination in our souls that we have never had before. An absolute resolve within us that we will not be shaken. The enemy is waiting for us to throw up our hands in desperation and give up. We need to let the devil know we are not going to give up, give in, and compromise what is right. In the times in which we live it is so easy to just let our guard down. Alot of us, myself included have become weary,so tired of fighting. But we must remember, the battle is the Lords' an He has already won! I pray for each and every one of you and that God will continue to direct you and your family. Stay strong in Him, pray, read the word and continue living uprightly before Him.~

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