Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just Do It

Do you ever have those moments when you think about a goal or task that you set for yourself, and wonder when you will actually accomplish it? Most of the time those goals or tasks sit on a dusty shelf in the far corners of your mind without ever a second thought. Can I share a little secret with you? Listen very carefully.........
Don't wait for the perfect time, it won't come. Don't wait until you feel good or full of energy to do it, energy will come once you begin. Don't just think about starting, jump in with both feet and simply do it. I am so so so so bad about setting a goal for myself, or getting myself excited about a certain project, and then life distracts me. It get's tossed in the box with all the other wonderful ideas. If you wait till tomorrow to do something it may never get done. Set your mind and self to do it and DO IT!!!!
If I may, here are a couple of my goals:
~ memorize more scriptures
~ go on a road trip with my family, somewhere we have never been
~ learn to play the ukele
~ climb a rock wall
When was the last time you made a goal? Can you even remember? Did you leave it on that dusty shelf? Pick it up, smooth out the wrinkles of time and DO IT~
You Stand In Your Way~

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