Monday, December 31, 2012

We wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can't believe we are already entering into 2013. It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming in 2012. Time has flown by so quickly this last year, but in this year we have so much to be thankful for. The Lord has blessed our home and family and we thank Him. I pray that this new year will bring many happy and wonderful times for you and your loved ones. I personally don't believe in new years resolutions. I believe that we should always try to better ourselves in every way we can. To constantly strive to be the person we desire to be. I pray that I can draw closer to the Lord and walk a little deeper in His spirit. I pray that He will lead us and use us for His glory. Our pastor has declared this year to be a year of winning souls. He has said his prayer is that  each member of our church will win a soul to the Lord. If we could just each win one soul to the Lord think about how full your church would be. With all the festivities that come with celebrating the new year I pray that you will take a little time to give thanks and worship the Lord as your new year begins. With God all things are possible. Matt. 19:26 God Bless you and yours on this special Holiday~

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