Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So by now I would imagine you all know how much I love to cook/bake/create....Lately I have been slacking in those departments. Unfortunately I have let life's crazy way of making us busy, take me away from what I love to do. I promise myself and those who love my cooking/baking/creating to do better.

My neighbor, whom I shall keep anonymous (clearing throat sound) "Scotty", is always asking where his cupcakes are??? I made him and his wife some delicious peanut butter cupcakes several months ago and ever since then he won't leave me alone about the baking goods. Here's to you Scotty - "I promise to be a slacker no longer and get off my bum and bake you some delicious things"

I know that what I make tastes good but just for once I want to bite into something I've made and just close my eyes and go YUUUUMMMMMMMMMM! Like, really yummmmm. Something that tastes so good it would make your toes curl. Have you ever had something that good that you stop and think, man this is unbelievably tasty? I have a craving to make something so incredibly, finger-lickin, toe-curlin, make you wanna slap yer' mama, G-O-O-D!

I would love to be the modern day Julia Child...maybe I'll just aspire to be good enough to make her Boeuf Bourguingnon well. You are all invited to my dinner party, bring your appetite and some napkins.

Signing off with thoughts of being a great cook with lots of imagination......

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